Registering the Shareware version


West Wind Client Tools is distributed as fully functional shareware. This software is distributed with a copyright notification and is not free. You are required to register the software if you use it in any production application or you continue to use the tool after 30 days of trial. Please uphold the shareware principles that give you the opportunity to try out software completely before purchasing it by paying for it when you implement it in your own applications.

If you received wwIPStuff or the West Wind Client Tools as part of West Wind Web Connection your version is registered as part of the Web Connection package.

Author: Rick Strahl, West Wind Technologies
Copyright: West Wind Technologies, 1996-2019
Fully functional shareware


Registration provides full source code for the toolset and officially allows you to use any of the included FoxPro classes in your own applications. Once registered you are free to embed the functionality into any of your applications in compiled form. This tool is licensed per company.


You can register your copy of West Wind Client Tools online by going to:

Full registration of the product provides you with source code and includes free updates for future versions for all minor version updates (ie Version 7.x).

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