Support and reporting bugs

Support is available for free on the West Wind Message Board:

The message board is a public forum for questions, enhancement requests, bug reports or just general discussion of development topics. We monitor the forum and reply to most messages within one business day.

Bug Reports

A good bug report clearly states the problem with a minimal code example that demonstrates how to reproduce the bug. Please don't post a "It doesn't work" message, but provide some detail on what you're doing, what you've tried and if at all possible provide a short, self-contained code snippet that can be run to replicate the issue. We try to help, but if you give us nothing useful to go on, we are likely not going to be able to help you. Remember: Garbage in - Garbage out!

Enhancement Requests, Ideas, Discussions

This message board is open to all sorts of discussions around programming related issues. In addition to our tools, there are also general FoxPro and .NET forums that you can use to post general FoxPro questions.

If you have an idea on how to enhance any of our products, or there's something that you wish was there - let us know. We can have a discussion on whether the request makes sense and if useful it'll likely get implemented. Don't be shy.

The message board is available for general questions and issues, but it's not the right forum for very intricate or business specific issues you might run into. If the free message board doesn't work for you and you to need personalized support via phone, email or pairing view Skype, Zoom or TeamViewer, we have paid support options available.

You can find out more at:

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