Allows for customization of the of the wwJsonSerializer instance used to serialize and deserialize JSON messages for the service request. The most common use case for this method is to fix up the PropertyNameOverrides for object property casing of property names.

You can override this method in a subclass or you can explicitly call the method and get back an instance to customize before calling CallMethod().

The simplest is simply getting the default serializer and customizing it:

*** Optional - get serializer to override settings
loSerializer = loProxy.CreateSerializer()

*** Add proper property names 
loSerializer.PropertyNameOverrides = "firstName,lastName"
loSerializer.AssumeUtcDates = .F.

Timing of assigning a custom Serializer

To provide a custom serializer, make sure you call this method before a method is called.


Return Value

wwJsonSerializer instance


Optional - a preconfigured instance of a Json serializer

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