Factory method that can be used to create a PUBLIC instance of the wwDotNetBridge class. Use this method instead of explicitly instantiating the class to avoid recreating the .NET object wrapper object each time.

A PUBLIC instance named __DOTNETBRIDGE is created and cached. Calling this function either creates or reuses the existing instance.

DO wwDotNetBridge    && somewhere to load library
loBridge = GetwwDotNetCoreBridge()

loConverter = loBridge.CreateInstance("rtfConverter.rtfConverter")


Optional - Specify an explicit .NET Runtime to be used. By default the highest installed version is used. You can specify:

  • An installed 32 Bit .NET Core Runtime Version (ie "5.0.1")

  • Path to a .NET Runtime Folder
    Allows you to potentially specify a private runtime installation folder that can live side by side with your application and doesn't require a system installation. Alternately you can also point at a self-contained application that includes its own 32 bit .NET Core runtime.


This is a static function not a method of the class.

loBridge = GetwwDotnetCoreBridge()

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