Class wwDynamic

This class allows you to create or extend an object with 'dynamic' properties by simply referencing non-existing properties to the instance. Any non-existing properties you reference will automatically created - this model is similar to the way JavaScript or Expando objects work.

In essence this is a cleaner and non-declarative way to write ADDPROPERTY() logic. This makes a great tool for creating complex objects on the fly in user code. It's also a create way to construct model objects or objects that you need to serialize to JSON or XML.

Here's an example of what you can do:

*** Extend an existing object
loCust = CREATEOBJECT("cCustomer")
loItem = CREATEOBJECT("wwDynamic",loCust)

*** Alternately you create a new object (EMPTY class) 
* loItem = CREATEOBJECT("wwDynamic")

loItem.Bogus = "This is bogus"
loItem.Entered = DATETIME()

? loItem.Bogus
? loItem.Entered

loItem.oChild.Bogus = "Child Bogus"
loItem.oChild.Entered = DATETIME()

? loItem.oChild.Bogus
? loItem.oChild.Entered

*** Access original cCustomer props and methods
? loItem.cFirstName
? loItem.cLastName
? loItem.GetFullName()

For JSON serialization you can also use the explicit AddProperty() method which automatically sets an internal __PropertyNameOverrides list which provides proper casing for variables when using JSON serialization.

loMessage = CREATEOBJECT("wwDynamic")
loMessage.AddProp("Sid", "")
loMessage.AddProp("DateCreated", DATETIME())
loMessage.AddProp("DateUpdated", DATETIME())

* "Sid,DateCreated,DateUpdated,DateSent,AccountSid,ApiVersion"
? loMessage.__PropertyNameOverrides 

? loMessage.DateCreated
? loMessage.DateUpdated

loSer = CREATEOBJECT("wwJsonSerializer")
loSer.Serialize(loMessage) && produces properly cased property names


Performance Notice:
This code uses an THIS_Access() accessor method to intercept every property and method access and then checks to see whether that property/method exists. This has a bit of overhead and is considerably slower than direct object property/method access. Use with care in critical path operations and test for performance carefully.

Class Members



o.AddProp(lcProperty, lvValue)


Retrieves a value from a dynamic property.



The constructor allows you to pass in an existing object reference that is then extended with any properties you assign.



If using AddProperty() to add properties the property name is added to this property. This property is used during JSON serialization to automatically provide proper casing.


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Class wwDynamic

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