AmyUni and wwAmyUni

The AmyUni product is a printer interface and PDF manipulation tool which acts as a printer driver and allows direct printing to PDF. AmyUni was one of the original printer driver companies and their licensing prices are reasonable (although difficult to figure out). They provide a FoxPro FLL interface to direct printer output to the AmyUni printer driver. AmyUni is a good choice for an economical legal licensed server implementation.

You need:

  • Install the AmyUni Software
  • Copy the cdIntf.dll and fllIntF.fll files into the Fox path of your application
  • Set the cPrinterDriver property to the AmyUni dynamic printer.
  • After installation check for the exact name of the installed drivers and
    use that in the cPrinterDriver property


oPDF.cPrinterDriver = "PDFPrinter"  

AmyUni Web site
Price: ($129 single license)

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