Retrieves a list of certificates that are installed on the local machine as a collection.

The collection contains a set of objects that hold the raw certificate information as a .NET object as described here:

o.GetCertificates(lcStoreName, lcLocation)


The name of the certificate store to retrieve certificates from as a string. Default is "My". Other common values are "Root", "TrustedPublishers" etc.

Corresponds to string name values of the .NET settings:

StoreName Enum

The Certificate store location.

  • "CurrentUser" *
  • "LocalMachine"

Note: in order to use "LocalMachine" you need to Run as Administrator otherwise you won't have access to those registry keys.


Requires wwDotnetBridge and .NET. The dependency is silently loaded meaning you have to explicitly load wwDotnetBridge.

See also:

Class wwHTTP

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