Low Level Input Method

This method parses XML data into an existing object. The object can optionally be created if a datastructure XML object exists using the BuildObjectFromXML() method.

o.ParseXMLToObject(loObjectElement, loObject, llParseCaseInsensitive)

Return Value



XML element that corresponds to the <object> tag.

<object name="class">

The object that the data is parsed into. The object must exist. You can have this object created by BuildObjectFromXML if the object was exported with data structures.

Parses the object XML case insensitively which allows wwXML to match VFPs default lower case property names to mixed case properties provided in the XML. Note: Use this only if needed as it is considerably slower to parse as each property is searched out.


This method requries the IE 5 MSXML DOM parser.

See also:

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